Whether you’d like help with a significant product launch or would benefit from guidance on the application of a particular tool, I can help.

  • Develop test plans that meet customer and internal reliability specifications
  • Create a Reliability Specification for your product line
  • Connect product risk assessments to effective and efficient validation test plans for new as well as mature products
  • Test to failure strategies and analyses; Weibull analysis
  • Success testing strategies
  • Accelerate test plans to allow for quicker results
    • Quantitative Accelerated Life Testing (ALT), Cumulative Damage, ALTA
    • Multiple Environment Overstress Testing (MEOST) or Step-Stress Testing
    • Qualitative methods such as HALT
  • Correlate lab tests to customer environments and usage
  • How to structure and lead a validation process and a validation group

I’m willing to work on-site at your location or remotely. Just call to discuss.

Coaching - Reliability Alliance