Reliability Maturity Assessment (RMA)

Working with your team, I can identify and help prioritize gaps in the competency of your company’s reliability and validation function by conducting a standardized Reliability Maturity Assessment (RMA).  After completing the assessment, you will be provided with a detailed report and specific guidance on how to address the gaps!

The RMA:
  • 76 weighted questions within 9 reliability-related categories
  • A site assessment can normally be completed in one day working with a cross-functional team:  Quality, Reliability/Test, Project Mgr, Product/Design, Manufacturing
  • The assessment can be made at one location or across many company sites in order to identify pockets of strength (these are important to know!) and weakness
  • Can be used to measure and improve supplier competency in the use of reliability methods
  • Results will be compared to industry benchmark aggregate data !
  • Assessment categories and questions can be weighted to emphasize those topics and tools important to your product or industry!

Assessment Categories:

  1. Reliability Planning
  2. Design for Reliability
  3. Reliability Prediction and Modeling
  4. Reliability of Mechanical Components and Systems
  5. Statistical Concepts
  6. Failure Reporting and Analysis
  7. Analyzing Reliability Data
  8. Reliability Testing
  9. Reliability and Manufacturing

Results and Sample Charts

Results are compiled and presented in a detailed report that includes a general summary as well as very specific findings.  Pockets of strengths and weakness are identified.  Comparisons are made internally (when requested) and to industry benchmarks.  Prioritized recommendations are made based on assessment results and customized weightings that have been predetermined with your leadership team.

RMA Spider Chart

1. A Spider chart provides a general overview of your organizations reliability maturity by category.

Example Charts

2.  Whisker plots display apparent strengths….

Example Charts

3.  …and weakness

How am I uniquely qualified to conduct this assessment?

  1. I’ve been a validation, reliability, and test manager for a number of product lines for many years.
  2. I’ve managed the reliability function at the corporate level for a Fortune 500 automotive parts supplier.
  3. I’ve consulted and taught on these topics and tools for many years.
  4. I served as a core-member of the AIAG (automotive industry action group) workgroup on the development of the RMA tool from which this assessment is derived.