I deliver training on Reliability Engineering and Accelerated Testing to engineering teams from many industries, product lines and geographic sites.  

    • Please reach out and let me know if I can customize the materials for your company.
    • Lessons from the hands-on exercises are retained and become immediately useful when they are built around your case studies.
    • I would be pleased to add or remove topics to meet the needs of your business or product line.



LENGTH:  1.5 to 2 DAYS

Basic topics in Product Reliability Engineering are presented with a focus on developing test plans for meeting reliability goals and mitigating risk.  After an introduction to basic reliability concepts and reliability statistics, the course shifts to methods for demonstrating reliability using success-based and test-to-failure strategies.  Life data analysis (i.e. Weibull analysis) is presented along with a brief tutorial of Weibull++ software for performing this analysis. Reliability confidence bounds are introduced along with their impact on test plans and customer reliability statements.  Finally, a number of detailed and practical accelerated testing methods are presented.   Topics Addressed:

  • Bathtub curve, theoretical and actual
  • Stress vs strength interference
  • Product design life
  • Mean time before failure (MTBF) and mean time to failure (MTTF)
  • Reliability functions, failure rate, cumulative distribution function (CDF), probability density function (PDF)
  • Weibull, lognormal and exponential probability distributions
  • Reliability block diagrams (RBD), serial and parallel systems
  • Success testing strategies, sample size
  • Lipson equality
  • Life data analysis and parameter estimation
  • Weibull++ (ReliaSoft)
  • One and two-sided Confidence bounds
  • Interpreting reliability specifications
  • Accelerated life testing (ALT)
  • Arrhenius, inverse power models
  • Coffin Manson
  • Step stress testing / MEOST
  • Cumulative damage
  • HALT and HASS

Delivery Method:  The training is designed to be interactive and conversational and delivered at the client’s location.  A number of in-class exercises are included to practice and reinforce the concepts.   Bound training materials are provided to each class participant.   Target Audience:  Reliability engineers, validation engineers, product development engineers, test engineers, quality engineers, and managers of these disciplines.   Expected Outcomes:   At the conclusion of this training, class participants will be able to:

  • Interpret customer and internal reliability specifications and identify ambiguities and shortcomings if they exist
  • Create a test plan to meet a reliability specification
  • Make trade-offs in sample size vs test duration for a success-based test
  • Conduct a basic life data analysis and make inferences using Weibull++
  • Recognize 1-sided vs 2-sided confidence bounds and how they effect a reliability test plan
  • Understand the most common methods to quantitatively and qualitatively accelerate a test
  • Design a basic ALT (accelerated life test)